Intuitively, we all know that good content is informative, compelling, and drives action—just like a good story. And as marketers, we also expect good content to improve SEO rankings and website traffic. Still, many of our clients ask what type of content is most effective, as well as how to best distribute it.

Let’s start with type of content:

Thought Leadership Articles: These are topics or inside information that a company knows based on its decades of experience and/or opinion pieces regarding regulations or changes in their industry. This type of content is even more effective when links to outside resources or other articles are included.

Industry Tracks: Any company that expands its newsletter program by industry track will improve open rates, ‘click throughs’, and SEO.

Case Studies: Client stories are most effective when a specific client name is mentioned. This content can be improved by adding sited quotations and links to other content on the company’s website.

Press Releases: While traditional press releases might be considered to be ‘old school’, they are completely appropriate for new employees, new services, technical updates, etc. This type of news is even better when distributed on a newswire service.

Trade Show/Conference Announcements: These are perhaps an obvious source of content, but we like to remind you that the more a company can tout its expertise in a public setting, the better.

Multi-Channel Distribution – Social Media: Whenever a new piece of content is created, it should be posted on the company’s LinkedIn page and/or published by the individual author. LinkedIn groups may also pick-up this content. Regardless, content needs to be ‘shared’ by other employees and those who ‘follow’ a company and its leadership team.

Multi-Channel Distribution – Email Marketing: Any content you create should also be distributed via email marketing to the appropriate segment of your database. Emails that include links to pages on your website or outside resources will also help SEO.

Website Content: The most obvious way to drive SEO is by embedding search terms with in your website content. However, be aware that many times people believe a term is searched frequently, when in fact it is not. Google has tools available to help you determine the best and most frequently searched terms.

How often is too often? Most content marketing programs are designed to reach a specific segment at least once per month, plus anytime something general and/or related to a trade show or conference is created. In general, 2-3 times per month for an individual is the expected and frequency to get results. How long will you have to wait? Not long, our B2B clients get measurable results almost immediately –that’s one of the benefits of content marketing vs. traditional advertising.