Be a Storyteller for Effective SOCIAL MEDIA

Producing content isn’t that difficult, but generating creative, engaging, and timely content can be quite challenging. Social media channels allow for an open flow of conversation between companies and consumers/clients, making it an influential marketing tool when addressing your audience. Although social channels are often used for short copy, the content can be incredibly powerful. Here are some tips for generating great social media posts:

Forget about writer’s block.
Posting regularly is important to engage consumers. When you feel like you have nothing to post, just remember that you can always get creative.

  • Ask questions. Ask followers for their opinions and thoughts on industry and company news.
  • Answer questions. Respond to a commonly asked question.
  • Recognize dates. Include all types of holidays and important dates as well as follower and other social media milestones.
  • Look at what’s trending. Play off of trending topics and hashtags to increase engagement and reach new contacts.
  • Go behind-the-scenes. Share photos of employees working or give a workplace tour.
  • Focus on your customers. Post a testimonial, thank a client or customer, or even repost one of their posts.
  • Repost from your industry. Share top news stories from your industry.
  • Highlight old content. Link back to or repost old posts that have become relevant again or post an important takeaway from your most recent newsletter.

Engage. Engage. Engage.
It all comes down to engaging with your audience. Produce content that your target market wants to see, but also make sure that the content represents your company well. By saying “comment or like” or posing questions, followers and other viewers will increase their engagement with you and your products.

Overall, creating content can be fun. Try to post interesting content for your audience while also keeping your company and industry in mind. Tell the story of your company and make your audience want to be a part of it.

Written by Amanda Plavner