Improve Asset Utilization and Production Performance with Analytics

Chemical, Pharmaceutical, and other manufacturing companies with batch processes struggle to understand the vast amounts of production data captured. Proconex DataJaguar™ contextualizes batch production data, allowing direct comparison of processes within a plant or across the enterprise.

Understanding downtime, and other production delays of an asset, and finding ways to minimize it can significantly impact plant production.

  • When will the current batch be completed?
  • Is the current batch progressing normally, ahead of, or behind schedule?
  • Are there anomalies in the current batch contributing to the completion time?
  • Why was production delayed?
  • What caused deviations from normal?
  • What knowledge can the operator add?

With Proconex DataJaguar, manufacturing companies can solve batch process challenges related to resource utilization; maximize production assets (both equipment and people); as well as provide insights into the reasons why a batch may be behind or ahead of schedule, or whether there are anomalies in a particular batch. Furthermore, you can now make informed decisions, such as justifying capital expenditures, with real data to back up your intuitions.

  • Contextualize both real-time and historic data from your Process Automation System
  • Analyze batches in non-technical business language from a single dashboard
  • Compare processes accurately—at the site and across the enterprise
  • Compare manual and automated processes
  • Augment and standardize data using a pre-determined menu of options
  • View a single batch, one plant, or data across the entire company

Excerpt from Markitects interview with client, Proconex, for product launch of DataJaguar.