Two months ago, I started a new Facebook Advertising campaign and every single day since then, I have thought about how I can improve my campaign. Whether checking results, using Facebook’s Audience Insights to create better-targeted ads, or searching Google for the latest and greatest advice, I’m still constantly questioning how my Ad Set will perform. While I may never unravel Facebook’s algorithm, I have learned some important lessons to share with you.

Companies, particularly IT companies, in a growth stage, find it difficult to stop what they are doing and re-organize their service offerings and structure. Think of your company as embarking on major versions, as well as point upgrades, and you’ll move your company’s brand forward, just as you are improving your product or service offering. […]

According to a timely report from the CMO Council and Deloitte LLP, the role of the CMO has become much more complex in today’s digital, always-on world. Now, in addition to leading brand and marketing activities, CMOs find themselves responsible for owning the customer experience, tracking every encounter with users, demonstrating the value of marketing, and driving revenue for their companies.